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Originally Posted by texastrekkie View Post
I tried this and it didn't work for me. So, I tried something else based on this idea and it did work.

I changed my active ship, posted the officers there then switched back to my main ship I am using and it let me reload all of my Bridge officers.
Well, did that. Also tried renaming my primary ship, set a small craft, repeated,...

Still, no boff slots are showing on neither my mirror Vor'cha (with Vor'Kang skin), nor the original Tier 4 Vor'Kang.

At first, no boff slots were also appearing on my Negh'var, but after there procedures, they showed up. Also no problems with a Hegh'ta, Kar'fi, Bortas.

Damn, I want to fly the Vor'cha (Vor'Kang).

Any other advice?
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