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You know, I really don't mind the special projects in order to open new visuals for the starbases, but does anyone else feel like there should be a little more control... or choice for some of it?

It didn't bother me that much until the latest Dev Blog announced the next project. It seems like a row of dummies would be a great place for fleets to customize and promote their own uniforms, instead it'll just be a static display. Not only does that seem like a wasted opportunity to me, it seems like a completely irrational decision in design. I know where they're going from the photo, putting a row of mannequins there doesn't really make sense.

When are we going to get the ability to choose different options for some of these 'upgrades'? or have the ability to toggle some of them off? (Seriously, wouldn't the tribbles make more sense if you RELEASED them not cleaned them up?)

Am I the only one that feels this way?