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Originally Posted by archanarchist View Post
as far as i can tell tickets have been disabled ive sent about 5 on the bugged station personle oficer on starbase, they seem to never make it into there system ive submited requests for gm help(lifer) so i can atleast tell my now 300 man fleet(was almost 500 a month or so back) that 1 day they might try to fix our starbase... no response. i thought i was guarenteed ongoing live suport, at atleast some hr of the day, im on 12-16hrs a day not like they dont have time to get to me, if not for me then for the 100 or so acounts that havnt quit from fleet yet. atm if it wasnt for the stupid costs wed probly of made a new starbase as it is were permantly at teir 3 it seems and theres less of us by the day, the claim that u fixed it and didnt cause about 10 mates to rage quit, so plz dont just say its fixed again make sure its fixed or have common curtisy to tell us to go stuff ourselfs.
1. Holy wall of misspelled text. My spell checker is having a fit of red squiggly lines just from quoting your post.

2. Really? flash for you--PWE has NEVER had live GM support. Ever. Any and all GM requests are routed through the ticketing system, and that takes anywhere from 2-5 business days for a response. Neither the amount of money you spend nor the amount of time you spend in the game changes that. AFAIK, even before the merger Cryptic never had live support of any kind. So I really don't know where you're getting your information from, but you sound really, REALLY entitled--and that attitude isn't going to fix a thing.

Quoted from Bluegeek's post a few posts above that brick:

This thread is not an appropriate place to post about in-game issues; it is not the ticket system and you shouldn't expect to get any support by posting here. Neither GM's nor Customer Support nor Devs are looking at this thread. The only people looking here are Moderators and we can't help you.

If you're looking for unofficial technical support, or wish to post about a bug, there are other forums set aside for that.

If you have an issue for which you need customer support, you should submit a ticket via the support website at or send an email to
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