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There is your problem. Replace the dual beam banks with beam arrays. Cruisers are more suited for broadsiding an enemy, that is, have the side of the ship face the enemy and let the front and rear beam arrays overlap and fire at the same time. A cruiser's turn rate is too slow to use weapons that force you to keep the front of your ship pointed at the enemy. Some enemies can move pretty quick and get out of the small firing arc of dual beams and cannons. Dual beam banks have a smaller firing arc and you have to have the front of your ship pointed more towards the enemy and this means your rear weapons won't fire because you will be turned too far. Also, torpedo launchers have a shared cooldown. When you fire 1 they all end up on recharge so you can't fire 2 at the same time. All of my cruisers I have set up with 3 beam arrays and 1 torpedo launcher on both the front and rear of the ship. Edit: Although, if weapon power is a problem you could feasibly stick with 2 torps on the front and rear. If weapon power gets too low your ship will stop firing for a few seconds until it goes back up a little. It's a good idea to spend skill points for your character to increase weapon power and also the bridge officer skill Emergency power to Weapons as well as a Weapons Battery in a device slot helps alleviate this problem.

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That is because Commander is the highest rank you can promote a bridge officer. You can however have ALL bridge officers promoted to this rank.
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