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11-28-2012, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by trenttyler View Post
The recent boneheaded moves are what DESTABILIZED the in game economy. Not sure who their economic guru is, but his plan is nto working. The value of Zen on the exchange has dropped 20% or so since S7 patch.

If i was trying to stabilize a particular market i would NOT
1) Increase the need for a certain currency
2) Reduce the availability of said currency.

To do both at the same time will always have adverse effects, it really is econ 101/2
Yeah .. i should had put in a "probably trying", my personal view is that I agree with you, I'ts a boneheaded move. And I do not understand what they are after, if they are after unsatisfied coustumers, then they are on the right track. And Im not far from actually believing just that.

My guess is that their strategy is if they *uck up really really bad now, we will be so happy and grateful for the changes they do later to fix things, so we forget that it was f.u.b.a.r from the beginning.