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11-28-2012, 01:07 PM
You misread much of the story.

T'Rei's father is not a character in the story. The character I believe you are referring to is the commander of the warbird she served on prior to taking refuge in the Federation. Paternal love or other male affection is not a plot element, and it isn't even indicated that individual had any direct relationship with her. I think you are reading your own biases into the story.

T'Rei is not an aristocrat, she is a pleb through and through. She is aloof because she is Romulan.

Supine is the name of a Vulcan engineer doff on my roster. The scene is meant to be ironic/humorous, but I think that a Vulcan would prefer the logic of "reasonable degree of flexibility" in any such communal setting that would be taken for granted in such a setting in real life.

The intent of making the baseball scene more than one line was to explore T'Rei's thought processes and motivations, and also to build suspense: the reader doesn't initially know what she is doing or why it arouses such an emotional response.

I didn't feel the need to overdevelop characters unnecessarily - this is an extension of the "Chekhov's Gun" principle. If a character does not have a major plot role then overdescribing them misleads the reader.

Nontheless, thanks for reading and your insights! I'm thinking of another story...