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11-28-2012, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by john98837 View Post
My fleet will be beginning the push to Tier 5 soon. To inform our decision on which category to push to tier 5 I have a few questions for the devs as to what to expect from the tier 5 engineering elite fleet space weapons.

1. Elite fleet space weapons are still in Tier 5 Engineering, and the text on the gui for the has been removed in error, correct?

2. Assuming they are still in the game are they going to be available in all energy damage types or restricted to just phaser like the elite ground weapons were?

Given the cost of purchasing purple mk xii energy damage consoles I hope you will make them available for all damage types, especially given that most people do not use phasers and therefor won't have the consoles for that damage type.

Either way if we can get an answer to these 2 questions you can avoid allot of the disappointment and anger that came from the phaser only surprise of elite ground weapons.
1. The weapons have not been moved or removed that I'm aware of. I will check to see why they might be missing from the UI.

2. Only Phasers are available for the Federation and Disruptors are available for KDF. All the standard space weapon types (i.e. turrets, cannons, beams, etc.) are available.

These are intended to thematically represent the latest advancements in Fed and KDF technology. High end weapons for other energy types are intended to be available through other reward systems.

I expect we will probably add more rewards to the Fleet system at a later date, but it's too early to say whether or not the new rewards will include more damage types for Fleet Weapons.