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11-28-2012, 01:58 PM
I run an engineer in her cruiser and am built for taking heavy damage.

I have not really norticed any new issues and the old issues of invis torps of death seem to avoid me.

I am not debatying whether it exists or not but in my play style I am not impacted by these seemingly DEITY-induced events.

I think much of the issues experienced here are related to PUG groups where it is a hodge-podge and Ad-hoc mess of players who are forced to endure each other.

In the STFS I die about once every , maybe, 10 stfs at the most while driving my tank. And even then it is because I did something stupid where I know I was gambling.

Most often the invis torp of anti proton death hits it does around 20k at best. Which is easily overcome with self heals.

My most difficult times in PUGS are when there is no balance of classes and one class aka DPS is relied on too heavily. then ships tend to die fast in a domino effect unless the main aggro escort knows enough to get away and KITE the Borg.

I also have timers...BLAME this on EQ2. Timers for everything. I know when the Borg Abilities are going off and when to avoid them and to buff myself. In eq2 raids always called out the mega damage potential and it was mandatory the whole group countered them or we risked a wipe. This has carried over into STO that I know when a Borg does somethng and so I am pretty much prepared.

I dare say the casual player in STO is not doinig this either and I am not so sure it is required but every little thing helps.
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