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11-28-2012, 02:05 PM
I'm midway through 2 weeks holiday from work. I had planned on spending a lot of time playing STO prior to S7.

Today is typical for me since S7 launch. I planned on spending 8 or so hours playing. Instead I played for 2 and spent the rest of the doing other things instead.

Before Season 7 I had 5 characters maxing dilithium daily by logging in before work and after work. Today I earned around 2000 dilithium in total. The grind needed across all the characters was such that the "can't be bothered" option actually seemed like a plan.

Sollvax has hit it on the head, get rid of the pressure points on FM's and for me i'll start playing a lot more again. FM's = SB upgrades which need EC, Dil, DoFF = activety. Restricted flow for FM's mean upgrades stall, so no need for EC, Dil, DoFF = find something else outside of game to do.

Right now UK time the normal patch is 18 hours or so away...I am actually contemplating not bothering logging in till then to see if it addresses the major issues for me (Gorn minefield daily impossible to complete for example)