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Torpedo Spreads - that's another issue altogether, and one that is currently under review for further tweaking.

The FX drop-off issue in general is something we've been seeking a tech fix for, for a long time now. It was brought to the forefront of our concerns when we rolled out the 20-man Starbase Defense events/missions, and saw it in full swing even in skirmishes taking place on the outlying areas of the map. There is no quick fix for this issue, and it's something we continue to struggle to overcome. The best we can offer at this time, is that it's a limitation we are aware of, and that we do our best to work with when creating and tuning content and encounters.
I'm wondering if the same bug that affects Dispersal Pattern Beta, Eject warp Plasma, and other effects similar, also affects Torpedo Spread.. Where if one of the Torpedo Explosion AOE's Crits, the entire torpedo Spread also Crits. If that's so, couple that in with the "Invisible Torpedo" Scenero and Plasma DoT burns also already affected by this bug, it could be an even more serious problem that might seriously need to be fixed for both PVE and PVP's sake.
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