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11-28-2012, 03:57 PM
And when I say increased negotiating ability, I mean that Paramount owns everything in the 2009 movie but CBS could say, effectively, that use of the Kelvin uniforms before the timeline split makes them something that is part of the implied backstory for the works that they own and then take that as a reason they'd be asking for Paramount to license or sell them that design.

And then Paramount's reps (which I believe are actually Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman) might say to CBS Consumer Products' rep, "Technically, yes. The uniform from the moment the timeline split should be under both licenses and it doesn't step on our toes because that scene was set in the world of the works you own. Let's work out a business deal that grants you access."

And in the event of a real rift, the CBS person could say, "If you don't license it to us, we're going to say George Kirk never served aboard the Kelvin and give him a different uniform in our works."

And while Paramount licensing might ordinarily not care, because Orci and Kurtzman ARE designated with licensing approval powers and certain veto rights, they'd probably push for a deal to have congruity across works rather than have competing Star Trek brands that intentionally contradict one another.