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11-28-2012, 03:33 PM
It just keeps getting worse and worse. Earlier today I was in a Starbase Blockade. As soon as I spawn, some guy is trash talking the team. I pay no attention until I notice a minute later that as we're off fighting enemies, he's just parked by the edge of the map doing nothing. One player had already ditched as soon as the leech opened his mouth. I decided I wasn't going to help him get free marks. Say what you will about bailers, but I for one will not feed the parasites.

Just now I was in a Khitomer Space Elite, and a third of the way in I noticed that I couldn't find one of our team members anywhere. Clicking on his icon focused the camera on the spawn point. I thought maybe he was having loading problems or something, and I didn't feel like getting the STF leaver penalty, so I stayed this time. We did rather well for a four person team, getting the optional with minutes to spare. Of course, he suddenly appears just as Donatra gets down to 10%. It's bloody disgusting what Cryptic lets these people get away with.