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11-28-2012, 05:27 PM
ok , this "solution " let's you progress with this mission ( both when stuck in conference room and being unable to open hatch ) :

- play the mission until you're passed the entire dialogue thing in conference room ( doesn't matter if you succeed or fail in convincing the delegates ) if you're stuck in conference room : beam to your ship and leave the DS 9 system

- instead of clicking "approach DS 9 " click "continue second wave "You'll be back in conference room but can now leave to promenade . Proceed until it says you have arrived at a new respawn point and then to shipyard . Kill the elder or assault officer and all other foes .I f you cannot open hatch after doing that beam to ship again and leave ds 9 system
- again click "continue second wave " and you should start at the last respawn point ( which should be just outside conference room )
- proceed as before kill elder etc.and you should now be able to open hatch

It isn't an ideal solution but at least enables you to complete it .... trick is when stuck beam out and make sure to also leave ds 9 system an click "continue second wave " instead of trying to continue from inside station

tested on one fed and two kdf toons and working...