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11-28-2012, 04:32 PM
Cryptic/PWE don't necessarily want/need subscribers. In the F2P model, you'll have people who will pay more than $15/month on stuff, be it goodies, boosts, Dilithium, etc. They end up paying for themselves (costs/overhead), for other players, and the free players.

The trick then, for hybrids, is to make subscriptions worthwhile, but not so good that they're a no brainer, thus potentially causing a revenue cap. A subscription can be viewed as a revenue cap - all the player will give you per month is $15 - which is why STO and other titles went hybrid in the first place. Sure, some folks will play for free, but they're also content for other players, and people who would spend more can do so.

Upping the Dilithium Refining Limit or giving an Ore bonus might be "too good" if done in significant amounts. I'd be leery of them. I'd even be wary of having or selling a limited (ie, by time or amount) boost to either, sort of like the Expertise or CXP boosts. Granted, having those could be useful tools now and then, and the supply can be cut off as needed.
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