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11-28-2012, 04:44 PM
Well to be fair, even the Enterprise-F would crack a bit under 10-20 Jem'Hadar ships firing on her at once

Their lack of help can probably be attributed to an forced early launch, similiar to the Enterprise-B, and they're not up to full capabilities Having these abilities now is a fairly obvious indicator that's been fixed.

And it's kinda cool that they're showing up to give us a hand once in awhile, instead of just hearing about their shadowed exploits, I think. I've seen many others who think it's cool also (and lord knows this captain could use a better reputation, even if it's bit-by-bit).

So I doubt there's a turn off function, but their chances of showing up are low in the first place. And you can safely ignore them if they do show up.
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