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# 1 Actual Klingon content?
11-28-2012, 04:58 PM
Out of curiosity how many people on KDF would prefer to wait till the next season for a KDF fleshed version of the content rather than a copy/paste job?

Im getting a bit bored of doing missions for reasons that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. While I understand this is mostly due to time constraints I would much rather have KDF missions actually made from a KDF point of view rather than the typical Federation point of view which is very different.

Its either that or merge the two factions because there is really little difference between the two other than aesthetics. Sure the KDF get far less content (not going into that one) but the stuff they do have is essentially copy/paste. In fact it isn't even in doubt. It truely is copy/paste.

Now Mr. Stahl always goes on about doing things for the KDF but frankly we havn't seen much of an indication that he truely means this. Since he has been back he has talked about it and still we have nothing. Its always 'next update will be for KDF'. Then when people ask about the Romulan faction they are greeted with 'not until we flesh out KDF'. Looks like the only time Romulans will be playable is when STO dies off and someone half decent picks up the IP.

I guess perhaps im being a bit harsh however. Its fairly easy to fall into the rage fueled posts amongst these threads.

If any of you devs are actually reading this however I would like to know what your stance on the KDF content currently is?

Why are the Feds and KDF at war if both are working for exactly the same things in every mission we complete?

Has this all been over Chancellor M'Pok receiving dodgy bloodwine from the annual Federation ball?

Please let us know...