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"Upon completion of this special project, your starbase?s interior decoration will be improved. Klingons will acquire weapon trophies, a floor logo and a special wall mural, while mannequins displaying historical uniforms will appear for members of Starfleet. This special project will be available around 10AM PDT on November 29, 2012, until around 10AM PDT on December 13, 2012."

Ok, I know the new KDF and Fed starbase projects look sorta of cool, but we have to ask ourselves, are these shinies really worth the time and resources? Wouldn't the art devs time be more well spent working on new costumes and hair options for the character creator that has been all but completely abandoned? My question is why would the devs put any resources into something we will see for all but 2 seconds and then move on. Alternatively, fleets may have their meetings in front of the manequins or the warriors mural, but how long will that last? Yeah, for about 5-10 minutes and then good bye.

TBH, the devs don't have the proper systems in place to make star bases attractive. Beyond providing the attraction of the 10% gains from fleet ships and the fleet weapons, they are meer vanity with no real connection to the actual game. What I mean to say is that star bases aren't ends in and of themselves because STO end-game gameplay doesn't revolve around starbases. We don't fight within starbases, there is no pvp at star bases, and starbase defense is too scripted to provide a meaningful STO experience. It's difficult to express exactly what I mean, but what I want is a starbase that is more intimately connected with STO as a whole. If that means that even individuals can create their own mini bases, then so be it. I want my star base to feel alive. I want to be able to do activities within it that are meaningful and that aren't necessarily connected with the dilithium market. Meaning, I do them because they are fun, not because I want to grind dilithium, fleet marks, etc.

What would be very cool is if starbases generated some sort of resources so that fleets and/or individuals could be self-sufficient in some minor way. Meaning, upgrade starbases enough, and they will begin to generate a minimum amount of resources on their own. This could be through agriculture-maintaining green houses or farms in artificial environments until you are proficient enough to make profit, through mining installations-manage mining for a month and then tier 2 unlocks automated mining, for example, or anything else for that matter. What the devs are introducing just doesn't feel alive or interconnected with the rest of the game; it comes off more as a bling than meaningful content.

Please provide feedback and ideas for how starbases could be improved so that they feel more like they are part of a persistent world.