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11-28-2012, 05:21 PM
My current build is basically copied from the one I used on my Recon Sci, which is here:

Fore: 2x Aux DHC, 1x Mk XII [Borg] Quantum torpedo
Aft: 2x Mk XII [Borg] Phaser turrets, 1x Mk XI [Borg] Phaser Turret

MACO shield
Borg engine and deflector

Eng consoles: 1x Neutronium, Assimilated Module OR Multidimensional Wave-function Analysis Module
Sci consoles: 1x Field Generator, 2x Particle Generator, Quantum Field Focus Controller
Tac consoles: 4x Phaser Relay

3x Cannon doffs, 1x Gravimetric Scientist, 1x Projectile Weapons Officer OR 1x Conn Officer

Power levels with bonuses are 50/71/42/123 or 50/45/67/123, depending on which setting I'm using.

This basic build served me very well in my Recon Sci, however it has proved rather squishy in S7 STFs, which has led me to put in the Neutronium Alloy and drop the CPB 1 for an HE2. It's still a bit squishy, but when I die I'm going from 80%+ on shields and hull to nothing in a fraction of a second, which I don't think I can do much about.

Usage principles are pretty straightforward: chain the EPtS, hit CSV and Spread whenever they're up, and shoot stuff. TR is a good debuff for the larger targets, GW is nice to control groups of smaller ones, either can also do something in the role of the other. Use the Focus Phaser for the really big tough targets, the Graviton Shield is a lot more situational, it's for when you know you're going to take a huge kinetic hit and want to reflect it (eg. Donatra's torpedo spread). PSW can break tractor beams, give a small repel, or simply deal a bit more damage. The high engine power and conn officer are for covering multiple lanes on CSE or all the probes on KASE, the other options simply boost DPS and durability.