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11-28-2012, 07:54 PM
I commented on this in another thread long ago, but it is worth repeating, especially since we seem to be moving to an actual end of the war.

My understanding of the backstory of all this is. Klingons discovered the Undine had infiltrated the alpha quadrant. They decided to protect their home and the galaxy at large. This included a joint Klingon and Orion blockade of the Gorn Homeworld and eventual expunging of all Undine infiltrators on said homeworld.

The federation, not realizing the extent of the infiltration, if they believed it at all, condemned the Empires actions. J'mpok in response to this withdrew from the Khitomer accords and In this we have our war.

Here is the problem. From the Fed side, we are discovering and (at least internally) that the Klingons were right all along. So now the war and its disagreements are pretty much irrelevant. Peace is the logical next step.

That said, I agree with the general consensus, I would hate for peace to just happen. Klingon honor was insulted, and before the Empire even considers returning to peace with the Federation, Honor must be satisfied. Now, if that happens, I say end the war, the two sides have been allies for far too long for either to hold a grudge for grudges sack.