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11-28-2012, 09:00 PM
In the big fleets it's not an issue: if a project costs 200K dil, that's 50 members throwing in half their daily take and it's done instantly. Our small fleet of around 10 active members is having trouble just coming up with enough dilithium for functionality upgrades. It feels bad to write off the "fluff", but since the are all time-limited and have utterly exorbitant costs I think we're going to have to.

I think it would be worth opening a discussion about why Cryptic hates small fleets. It wouldn't be particularly difficult to make the project costs scale to the number of members in the fleet so that every fleet has an equal amount of "work" needed to complete projects regardless of population, but they chose not to do that. Are large fleets more profitable for Cryptic? Less costly? They certainly aren't more STABLE, I've seen more people come and go from a 200-person fleet in a week than I've seen come and go from our small fleet since the launch of season 6.

With the cost of projects not scaling, I kind of feel like as a member of a small fleet I am a second class citizen. I feel vaguely discouraged from even trying to participate in the starbase system due to how much work it DOESN'T take the large fleets. And I honestly have no idea why they think that's the best thing.

Sorry. Had to ramble.