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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Just the same drop that happens every season after the newness of a new season wears off. There is always a surge right before and during, and then a drop a week or two after
Its not the same drop. Lots of the people I noticed are fleetmates and friends that I have known for quite some time. They used to play damn near every day, and for hours and hours at a time. Now some of them don't even log in every day and when they do its for 1/4 to 1/3 of the time they used to.

There is almost 0 incentive for them to play most of thier characters. Do 1 STF and the Tae Dewa patrol daily and that character is good for about 2 days. No other reason to play those characters because there is nothing they can gain to improve thier characters.

I am in the same boat. Hell the main reason I used to play STF's was for the random borg items to collect and turn in that dropped at the end. I have had my primarly weapon sets and gear for some time. I liked trying to get alternate weapon set types for all of my character, fill out all my other ships I like to get into with them so I did not have to transfer the gear, or help fleet mates gear out thier characters.

That is all gone now. Hell, there is almost 0 reason other then the Tier passives you can get to even do Omega Rep for me. If you don't like plasma weapons (which I actually do btw) its damn near the same for Romulan Rep as it is for the Omega.

I still get on an play (admittedly not the same amount of time as in the previous Seasons) but the grind feels like I have a second job, and the reward for it is.. well.. yeah.. umm..... I think its there somewhere over the horizon or in that collapsing stars center maybe.
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