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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
Ok, I know the new KDF and Fed starbase projects look sorta of cool, but we have to ask ourselves, are these shinies really worth the time and resources? Wouldn't the art devs time be more well spent working on new costumes and hair options for the character creator that has been all but completely abandoned? My question is why would the devs put any resources into something we will see for all but 2 seconds and then move on. Alternatively, fleets may have their meetings in front of the manequins or the warriors mural, but how long will that last? Yeah, for about 5-10 minutes and then good bye.
Its already been said, all this stuff was made when season 6 came out. They just hang onto it until its time to release another. It probably took an environmental artist a few days to make all this crap since it's not interactive, not very intricate, and really are just mostly pre-existing assets placed on the map...

What you are suggesting is that it took a considerable amount of time compared to the items you listed that should be worked on instead which is not the case.
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