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11-28-2012, 09:31 PM
anti proton lol?

anti loliton is the most useless **** ingame!

when u compare ur dmg meters, u can see that average crit chance is about 10-12%

this means, that only to those app.11% antiproton adds extra dmg, to the other 89% anti**** adds just nothing!

antiproton only has increased critical severity!

normaly players have a critical severity of about 60%

lets do some math:
100 rounds each 1k
89k plus nothing
app. 21k (11k + the crit severity of 90%)
all together 110k antilol dmg

100 rounds each 1k
app. 96k (89k normal hits + 8% jem'hadar bonus)
app. 19k (11k + the crit severity of 60% + 8% jem'hadar bonus)
all together 115k polaron dmg

just take the jem'hadar 2 peace bonus, this adds always 8% dmg to evrything
i prefer:
engine, shield jem'hadar - 2 set bonus
omega defelctor - because of plus starship targeting systems

polaron still best for pve