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Originally Posted by keysmachine View Post
your red herring fallacy is amusing to say the least.

I can speculate on WHY they were pushing for 25+ members fleets since the system was balanced around that notion, this is a reply over why "Cryptic hates small Fleets" because they sure as hell did not made the system based on the realities of the game.

a game that is not "healthy" doesn't create content updates.
Now who is using red herrings?

for examples of that take a look at Tera online, Fallen Earth and swtor are just a few of said "unhealthy" games.
Over what?

When was the last mission added to the game? I think it was Alpha for the KDF and that was pre-Season 6, before that we had the "The 2800" that was the Featured episode of 2012, we had Season 6 that was all about Fleet Actions and a Adventure Zone and then we have Season 7 that is all about Patrol Missions, a couple of STFs and a Adventure Zone with, to be fair, 5 missions that are GATED behind a reputation system.

Sure STO added more content that some games but tell me, how long does it take for you to experience all that STO have to offer?

And how long does Starbases take so you can experience all they can offer?

Not to say the Starbase is a dead end, the amount of time required makes it so new Fleets have no chance to catch up, its survival of the strongest that been here at launch because Cryptic messed up idea of "rewarding", a Fleet that been here at S6 Launch and is at T5 have access to BETTER gear that one that started a month ago by people that been here since the game LAUNCHED.

Its tunnel vision.

How long you think this current situation will stand?
Until the "oh we are very active" Megafleets complete everything with everyone had either left or come to grinding halt because they have NO MEANS to progress ANY of the projects without 2-3 weeks of grinding?

STO for guilds is very much the LEAST friendly I had the pleasure of encountering since at least other games actually allows up to bypass the grind in some form or another, STO is "my way or the highway" and only way Guilds can be viable is be here when Season 6 launched and have more 25+ active members, its a system created looking at the past ... a past that never materialized to begin with a system that is unwelcome to new players that want to start up a guild.