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Originally Posted by cthulhufhtagn666 View Post
THe trick, for me, is setting away team to passive.
As for the mission and the work around. The mission -can- be completed. Therefore Cryptic will not spend time on trying to fix the mission (which can be done, easily, by moving the trigger point for "Disrupt Tal Shiear Operations" to a point eariler in the mission, like say the point the room spreads out, rather than in the room itself.

Cryptic has shown little interest in actually fixing things that break. Such as the new romulus space missions which are all broken, or the still broken starbase project. I have been playing since closed Beta. If there was anything that even remotely resembled Star Trek I would be playing it instead because Cryptic doesn't devote more resources to actually improving the game, rarely ever listens to community feedback, and has no where near decent communication with the community
If you bothered to look at the other comments in this thread you would have seen post #66

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
We are working on a fix for this mission so that the "Subdue Tal Shiar Agents" objective completes more reliably. Personally, when I ran through it a second time, I was able to complete that objective, but others are having luck with it completing on the first run. The fix should clear things up as it should be completing on your first run once all agents have been killed


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