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Originally Posted by pessimistor View Post
anti proton lol?

anti loliton is the most useless **** ingame!

when u compare ur dmg meters, u can see that average crit chance is about 10-12%

this means, that only to those app.11% antiproton adds extra dmg, to the other 89% anti**** adds just nothing!

antiproton only has increased critical severity!

normaly players have a critical severity of about 60%

lets do some math:
100 rounds each 1k
89k plus nothing
app. 21k (11k + the crit severity of 90%)
all together 110k antilol dmg

100 rounds each 1k
app. 96k (89k normal hits + 8% jem'hadar bonus)
app. 19k (11k + the crit severity of 60% + 8% jem'hadar bonus)
all together 115k polaron dmg

just take the jem'hadar 2 peace bonus, this adds always 8% dmg to evrything
i prefer:
engine, shield jem'hadar - 2 set bonus
omega defelctor - because of plus starship targeting systems

polaron still best for pve
Talk about both thread necromancy AND slanted number crunching!

If you are going to compare different energy weapon type performances, you can't introduce a non-native set bonus to only of the one weapon types being compared and still expect an accurate conclusion.

Let's use your above example of 100 x 1k dmg Antiproton vs. 100 x 1k dmg Polaron damage, 11% critical hit rate, 60 critical severity, but now add Omega set Tetryon Glider to AP to compare against the Jem'Hadar set + Polarons:

-non-critical hits -- 89 shots * 1k dmg / shot = 89000
-critical hits 11 shots * 1.9k dmg / shot = 20990
...initial total = 109990
-Omega 2-set Tetryon Shield Drain = 39 / shield facing * 4 shields * 100 shots = +15600 shield damage

final damage total = 125590

-non-critical hits -- 89 shots * 1k dmg / shot = 89000
-critical hits 11 shots * 1.6 = 17600
...initial total = 106600
-Bonus Jem'Hadar 8% damage multiplier = +8528

final damage damage = 115128

Yes, Polaron with the Jem'Hadar + Polaron set will output higher damage against non-shielded targets, but against shielded opponents, Antiproton + Tetryon Glider wins, especially while the target has tactical team active.

Also factor in that Jem'Hadar Engines are Combat Impulse (slowest impulse engine type available), and the Jem'Hadar Shields have very low capacity (5.3k on my Mobius Destroyer) -- then you realize that you turn your ship into a slow, brittle egg shell while these are equipped.

If you take the sets out of the comparison, Antiproton wins in all cases.

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