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11-28-2012, 11:57 PM
i think they need to rethink the strategy.

if an average player has 3 hours a day to play the game, it SHOULD be possible to finish teh daily grind for 1 toon in 2 hours.

what is a daily grind?
- 8000 dill
- 100 romulan marks
- 100 omega marks
- 100 fleet marks
- setting the DOFF's

the last, 3rd hour should be optional and just for fun, or for alts.

- to reach 8000 dill takes an average player 4.5 hours
- to reach 100 fleet marks seems to be impossible (cryptic, this is VITAL = give us FREE 50 marks for a daily log-in)
- the omega marks are fine
- the romulan marks rate for fleet actions and ground missions should be increased
- DOFF'S are ok

what can i do in 2 hours?
- DOFF's - 15 minutes (average 2500 DILL earned)
- romulan patrol daily - 30 minutes (60 romulan marks)
- 2 STF's - 2000 dill, 120 omega marks, 40 minutes sometimes more when doing the ground ones or PUGging
- 10 minutes clicking the rewards for fleet and reputation system
- 5 minutes to say hello to fleet

we are at 1:45 hours now, have 4k dill, 60 romulan marks, enough omega marks and got NO fleet marks.. so you queue a fleet action rewarding fleet marks, you do one run, get some 17 to 27 fleet marks..

you see the problem?