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11-28-2012, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by jkstocbr View Post
Thanks for the patches!

But I can't believe that the Doff Contribution Bug for Fleet Project isn't fixed.

===== Screenshot ======

This is going to hold up our T4 Military upgrade for over a week now!

Here is the last post by Borticus

I've tracked down the issue at hand. It stems from not all Bridge Officers sharing the same defining config files.

So, while these projects are set up to accept generic Boffs of the associated types, those Boffs are only currently obtained thru receiving a "Failure" outcome on Duty Officer assignments that recruit that species of Boff. The ones purchased at stores, or received from mission completion, are different config files, even though they share the same Display names. Therefore they cannot be used for these projects at this time.

We'll be updating the Projects to accept a wider range of Bridge Officers (hopefully encompassing all possibilities), and should have that fix in next week's patch.
Yep, have a similar situation (which wouldn't have happenpened had you guys not put the following in the November 21, 2012 Holodeck Patch Notes (link)


Fleet Starbase Personnel projects should now properly accept Bridge Officer donations.
Which WASN'T and ISN'T the case. It's annoying that after hearing the fix will be in this next patch, we here nothing further on the status of something Cryptic QA didn't test properly in the first place; yet STILL claimed it was working in official patch notes of 11/21/12.

If you can't fix it, either allow it to complete for the unfortunate Fleets who were gullible enough to think something in STO's official Holodeck patch notes was accurate; OR allow us to unslot the project so it's not blocking future Fleet Starbase upgrades. (or at the very least give us some further status on where a possible fix is at.)
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