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11-28-2012, 11:00 PM
facts are facts.
fact 1
6 toons spent at least half an hour on each per day pre 7 2 hours on 1 toon after.
fact 2
12-30k delithium per day over the 6 toons pre 7 after i have made less than 8k since total.
fact 3
fleet vent on my days off evenings had 6-18 on it pre 7 after droped to max of 6.

Personally to fix this is make all non elite queue give 500 dilithium and 10 fleet marks plus chance at loot/random mark bags drop by enemies and give their normal mark rewards.

Elites should be 1k dilithium 25 fleet marks and 50+ omega or whatever the reward mark is. Add a loot bag that gives random gear plus marks/borg thingy in it. Add more loot/random mark drops.

officer reports limited time thing is kinda rediculous you yourself dahl said that not many get close to the limit so killing off that way for them to get the 1400 dilithium was oposite of what you said you wanted. Change it back to theway it was. You still have the 8k refine limit.

Baring all this get rid of all requirements for dilithium use for star base/embasy since we now have to spend 50 times the amount to get our gear. to get a full set of weapons for an escort will take over 2 weeks if you happen to make the 8 k dilithium a day per toon.