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11-29-2012, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Question ?
Why would you have been "holding back" ??
The original due date was Nov 5th.
(Long since passed.)

Missions should have mostly been "done", by then.
Then Brandon gave us another week (9days) changing the deadline for submissions to Nov14.

Now Season 7 is hitting, so the date has to be pushed back to account for the Foundry coming off line. BUT we are all supposed to be more or less done. The entries were supposed to post on TWO (2) days from now, if it hadn't been interrupted by S7 start.

That you are only on the 'script' stage now, doesn't indicate that you were actually trying to create the mission to be posted in a couple days.

I maintain that giving us a week would be generous.
No ONE should need more than that, and I question whether that is even needed.
These entries should be done at this point, save for the tweaking.

Let's get this Challenge put to bed, and move on to Challenge #6 , where the new stuff from S7 will be available from the start, and not as some last minute "lookit the new shiny" addition to a mission that should already be done.

Again, just my thoughts.
I appreciate your feedback, but considering how previous Season releases have affected the Foundry I decided to wait until things got sorted out before I made everything only to spend a week trying to fix it all after the editor got unlocked. I had every intention of having the mission published by the assigned time. I'm pretty handy with a computer and know enough about the foundry I could easily have the mission maps done in a solid morning and have the script plugged into the mission by the end of the day. Spend a couple days adding some "Shiny" stuff into the map and done.

This of course not to say that I was waiting to see what new "Shiny" stuff came out. I just didn't want to make all the maps and story stuff only to have it broken and spend a week trying to fix it all. May as well wait until things are fixed then make everything, which is what I had to do with the Challenge #4. Major release of Foundry assets and a total redesign of the UI really borked my mission maps and I had to spend a good long time trying to fix it all so it looked right.

Anyway just my thoughts on it.