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11-28-2012, 11:08 PM
the thing is, cryptic has become reactive instead of proactive. they've become a bunch of lazy incompetent idgits that wait for us to point out stuff that's broken. After the last update, people were only able to log on for a few seconds to a couple of minutes before being kicked, and I'm quite sure it was a mad scramble at cryptic to sort it out.

This kinda thing has become standard practice for them. They need to learn to test and debug their stuff in house before unleashing it on us. Again, I'll say it, I didn't give them money so I could play test their crap. People are still getting 1 shot by uber invisible torps, and they've yet to fix it. A little testing before hand could have avoided that.

I'm personally sick and tired of the weekly patch typically followed by the "OOPS WE SCREWED UP" emergency maintenance. If these developers were really worth their salt, they'd test it before they released it. It's not fair to us and I'm sure they would like (for a change) to release an update and not have to go back and fix whatever they broke.