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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
That assumes the target is at the debuff cap. The actual uptime on capped debuffs are quite low. So while spike damage on a fully buffed alpha w/ antiproton is undoubtedly higher, it seems like Disruptors just comes out ahead in the long run.

While the proc chances are low, the actual uptime on Disruptor procs are pretty high. Largely because it lasts 15 seconds as opposed to the 5 seconds most procs last. Also, there is some evidence that the disruptor debuff is more significant when when paired with disruptor damage, along the line of -30; as compared to the -10 it is with other energy types.

On top of that, you can combine Disuptor procs w/ other procs on hybrid weapons, something that Antiproton lacks up to this point. Polarized Disruptors and the new Romulan weapons are quite potent when combined together.
I agree with most of what you're saying. However, I can keep a target at the debuff cap for 20 seconds (FOMM + AP-Beta3 + 3 AP conn DOFF's), or 5 seconds if the target uses tactical team. The biggest issue with disruptor breach is its low proc-rate percentage, making it an unreliable mechanic for coordinated alpha strikes.

Disruptors work well for Sci and Engineer captains, but Tactical Captains can crank up their critical hit rates to really exploit Antiproton's bonus critical severity, and it will only get better as the player gains increased critical hit rates via Omega and Romulan faction rep space skills.

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