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11-29-2012, 12:20 AM
the whole history of STO has proven one fact:

Devs love cannons. They dig those things.

How are they favoring cannons?

- Dual [heavy] cannons have no equal among beam arrays (which by the way got nerfed waaaay back and never were brought up again to compensate for everyones increased survival). One would think there'd be heavy beam arrays but there are not, shafting not only crusiers and science shisp but also escorts who want to fly something else but a cannon boat. No, dual beam banks are not the equivalent (that would be single cannons and dual beam banks). The dual heavy cannon is a variant of the dual cannon - less shots but more damage per shot incidentaly also less energy probelematic despite having a higer drain. Becasuse of the effed up energy mechanics (that make no sense)

- Beam weapons have worse attack buffs than escorts.

1.) Beam overload cripples an already power murdering weapon system (yes, on top having crippled damage, the weapon in question (beam array) also inflicts further debuffs to your ship by simply being used.) by inflicting a massive power drain. And its not even like at the very beginning of the game where there was a bug that made this whole drain acceptable: having all arrays give a BO shot. Man, back then ships wielding arrays could still be scary, able to hit you with up to 8 BO's in rapid succession (with proper use of power to weps to up the power mid volley).
Bugged? yes but it was awesome and made bo worth the drain. + BO1-3 were useful for everybody - now its either use BO3 or dont use BO at all.

2.) then we have Fire at will - the rotten bastard child born from a beam array, rapid fire and scatter volley having an effed up threesome.
It targets several targets like scatter volley, it increases the rate of fire (instead not really since it bugs out regularly so that arrays simpyl stop firing, wasting the volley) but does horrible damage due to inconsistent targeting in a target rich environment.

What it deos not is bundle up several shots worth of firepower into a short burst, like rapid fire does. What it also does not do is focus a stream of heavy damage into a target area like scatter volley.
No, its fumlbing around like the star wars kid.

So, summation!

- We have a weapon system that has gotten its damage nerfed in the past, but never got that nerf undone when the tanking and flat hp of EVERYTHING shot up.
- Said weapon system does not have an energy friendly variant of itself (see dual cannon/heavy dual cannon)
- The weapon has massive powerdrain over a long time (those 4 cycles take like forever) which further cripples its damage - something cannons don't do.
- The buff powers are basically crap. Beam overload cripples the weapon meant for cruisers and is essentialy only useful to escorts who can combine it with a hammer blow of cannon fire. + bo1-2 does nothing for the powerdrain and as such is not an option for cruisers in the frist place. BO3 is only available to the tactically tinted cruisers like the ody, excel and regent. Who basciaslly trade their tanking potential for this.
- Fire at will is an unfocused mess on buggy behavior and inconsistent targeting. Anathema ot its name, it requires you to mash the fire button so the bugged out weapons start firing again.

Fixes! easy ones!

1.) Heavy arrays please. double base damage, halve amount of pulses. (meaning halve the cycle time). -12 power/weapon

2.) BO goes back to affecting all arrays, giving all arrays a BO shot, which means the power gets a huge payoff. Its heavy damage that will quickly cripply itself on charachters and ships that can not be qeuipped to handle the power requirements. This will mostly benefit cruisers as ships and engineers as chars. Workable on escorts on sci but suboptimal.

3.) We get another beam power! Beam rapid fire since why not be cheap.
Will increase the number of pulses onto a single target. works for every ship class and every char class.
Rapid fire for beams! yay!
4.) FAW remains as is for anti spam (but hey, how about fixing those bugs.)

aaaaand stage set for the naysayers and escort pimps.