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11-29-2012, 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the new content. All of it.

I've read many QQ'ing threads already regarding the difficulty of the Onslaught Mission. My take; The other Elite STF's need to be brought to this level of difficulty

As I am sure many of you have read on the forums... the existing Space Elite STF's have been nerfed to a point that they can be completed (with optional) with 2 Man Teams.

I have felt for sometime that AT BEST, the existing Elite STF's should be called Advanced.... the level of difficulty in Elite Onslaught is truly Elite!

The existing Space STF's are pure Tac DPS fests. Not Onslaught! You want a mix of classes and players!

If you call yourself Elite... then you should be thrilled by the challenge, and starting to devise strategies to test. If you call yourself Elite, and find it too difficult... go back to normal.

Thank you Cryptic... Finally FINALLY an Elite STF that can rightfully call itself Elite!

how about no.

What you are a talking about is not difficulty. Its tediousness. There is no challenge in exploiting recognized patterns and simply waiting for hp bars to drop.

Diffilculty is nort produced by giving the mob a million more hp and making it capable of instant killing you. That is fake difficulty. Its a waste of time - the time of your players.

Difficulty would be NPC having proper battlegroups that are designed to work in a team. Cross healing, spider tanking, use of crowd control (why the hell are the BORG OF ALL THINGS?! not spamming viral matrixes?!).
That i can get behind.

Simply upping the amount of time needed to burn those AI cripples however is something i detest greatly.