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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
This is basically what I'm doing now.

I've moved every captain that it makes sense for out of their patrol escorts and into ships that can load one or more of the following:

I've started running my Escorts with HE1 and TBR1 (dropping PH or TSS - TBR1 can sometimes push smaller foes away far enough to break Tractor Locks) and the Vent Theta Radiation Console. Coating a Cube in Warp Plasma will usually kill heavy torps as they launch, but sitting in a cloud of it yourself is a bit hit and miss (literally - the damage ticks of the cloud will often miss the torpedo as it passes through).

Combined with Torpedo Spread and a copy of CSV1, I'll usually survive one Cube unless I'm not paying attention. But it's still not foolproof whenever I'm sitting within 2KM range. The only way for me to be sure that nothing will one-shot me in a smaller ship when I'm sitting that close range is to drop a copy of Gravity Well or Tykens's Rift on the Cube - Escorts can generally take a copy of TR1, but it's only useful in that one situation and it doesn't last as long as GW...

At least all the Vesta Pilots are fine, I guess... TBR3, GW1 AND Tykens 1...

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