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2) There is no reason for me to log now, I did grind 25-30 toons thru the daily Investigate's for the dil and marks to work on fleet stuff ..... not now.
What? Your only reason to log in before S7 was the daily's? For a starbase that does just grant some small upgrades to your weapons/ships?That's not playing, that's mindless grinding.
You should be glad that the devs removed this daily. Now you have more time for your friends/partner/family/games.

Steam and GGO have some nice discounts on games with actual content xD

I stopped doing the STF's all the time. I don't care that much about dilithium because my kling generates enough contraband for my 3 chars. Thats 6.0000 Dill a day. 3xLore missions and other doff missions and I am over 10.000 most days.

I finally have time for the foundry and I finished the storymissions on my first char :-)

I also couldn't notice a drop in user activity. Au contraire. Waiting time for STF is the same as before, Fleetactions are a lot faster. I stopped Pvp after 2 days because of the AFK'ers, *******s and loser klings in it. And the waiting for the PvP queues was to long.

So far, I do not dislike S7 xD It has a little more content than S6. It is more geared to the casual gamer. The artists did a great job on the vesta (I don't care about the stats and abilitys) and New Romulus.

Cryptic added a lot of incentives for the stupid ones to buy dill with Zen so that I can play for free. I like that :-)

Can't wait for the updates on S8. Hopefully we get more content this time. 2 seasons adding grind was enough. PWE should get now enough money that they allow Cryptic to create more real content.

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