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11-29-2012, 02:12 AM
My favorites were the dynamic duo of N'Vek and Toreth.

N'Vek was a 'good' Romulan, but, well...he's still a Romulan. Very intelligent, yet intensely emotional, held together by self-discipline and a strong sense of purpose. His idealism and sense of principle don't make him any less ruthless or deterministic than any other Romulan.

Being a 'good guy' doesn't make him anyone's "beer buddy".

It's fascinating to see the Romulan character played out as something other than a villain...and yet the result is not quite heroic. The acting was also of course amazing.

Toreth was the character Janeway should have been. Definitely female - passive-aggressive, touchy, emotional, contentious, sentimental. Yet she was never whimsical, erratic or self-pitying the way Janeway was (being styled after white American female middle managers, of course).

Toreth had many of the qualities that made Picard an admirable character - wisdom, tact, courage, loyalty, responsibility, passion - yet she's definitely NOT Picard. Picard is a diplomat; Toreth is a fighter. Picard is conciliatory; Toreth is merciless. Picard is motivated by truth and justice; Toreth is motivated by duty. It is that difference in value systems superimposed on many of the same virtues that made Toreth a fascinating character.

I still think that a series featuring the adventures of Toreth and the IRW Khazara would have been well worth watching. Provided it had competent writers, actors and screenplay, of course - things VOY didn't have. Still, at least the premise - Toreth dealing with the flaws of her society and vision while doing the best she can with her situation - would have been more worthwhile than the cosmic inverse of "to boldly go".