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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
All Gorn ship descriptions in the ship store now accurately display +15 Auxiliary power in the ship store.
so about the gorn ship, why does it have a lower shield mod then fed sci ships? and since it does, why doesn't it have more hull hitpoints, a faster turn rate, a more interesting station setup, anything to make up for that disadvantage?

the gorn ship is a stat clone of the deep space sci ship, except it has a 1.2 shield mod instead of 1.3. both the vulcan and nebula have higher hull hit points, and keep their 1.3 shield mod. i cant find an ounce of fairness in any of this, its no wonder n oone uses the gorn ship.

oh but it has the repair drone console, vulnerable pets with a long cooldown. the fleet version wont even come with the console, you will need the c store version to get it. its been a long time since a console like that has been a reason to give a ship a stat disadvantage, the fleet version of this ship should have at least the same shield hitpoints as a fleet deep space sci.

or you could do something really cool, and give it a vesta station setup, you would sell plenty of those ships if you did that! did you lose money on this ship and other kdf ships? well thats because they weren't great, or they were low tier! people buy end game ships, only RP carebears are gonna buy a lot of low tier fed ships.
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