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Originally Posted by lastcontact View Post
*Can STO recover?

What would it take?
Fire somebody .
Or two somebodies .
The somebodies who are actually responsible , and not scape goats .
Make the other workers take notice and go "oh S^&*t , I could be next" .
The art team is fine , the rest could really use a shake up .

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Stop thinking "End game"

Stop thinking "Grind"
And stop thinking "what works in other games must works 4 STO" .
Bring in someone who can objectively look at what has worked for STO -- instead of the constant ego-driven circus that we have to contend with in the end .
Oh and a little less "we MUST try new things" (at the cost of abandoning the old and half finished) would be nice too .
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