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Originally Posted by monsterofblood :
I am happy to report that we've gain 100 new members since s7 because we have the highest level KDF base all the members of losers fleets are bailing out for us, thnk you season seven.
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
^ and that attitude is one of the reasons why large fleets suck tribble.
While small fleets seem to "miss the obvious" in that if they join a larger fleet together -- as a group , then maybe they can keep the 'spirit' of their small fleet alive inside the large fleet .

Not all large fleets require you to "ware the fleet uniform and do what we do" .
As long as you are willing to contribute to projects (and are not leeching) , I think there are fleets who would leave you be who you are now .
I know my fleet would .
(apologies if this sounds like a recruitment post . it's not intended as such .)
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