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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Please note that I primarily play ground, so you may want to take that into account. This is what I would suggest:
Tactical Captain Ground:
Full MACO Mk XI/XII (Shield, Sniper Rifle, Armor) (you need 3 points in PSG and 6 points in combat armor)(2pc bonus for shield heal)
Advanced Fleet Antiproton Pulsewave Assault Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [CritX]
Tactical Kit - Fire Team Mk X
Alternate: Tactical Kit - Operative Mk X
Alternate 2 (if more than 2 tacticals): Tactical Kit - Squad Leader Mk X
Devices: Shard of Possibilities, Large Hypo, Crossfire Tribble, Horta
Duty officers: 3x Security Officer (extra escort), 1x Assault Squad Officer (grenade cooldown), 1x Fleet Pack Biochemist (hypo cooldown reduction)
This is spot on.

Full MACO and Pulsewave is the traditional setup and a very good starting point. Full Omega is another option, but only gets really good if multiple teammates use it so you end up stacking high levels of passive "Dodge". Once you can work your way up the Reputation tiers, you may want to go for the Adapted "Klingon" set for the extremely useful KHG Pulsewave's Kinetic damage Secondary Fire (and the set bonus Health Heal) plus a good Rifle (the MACO one will still work fine).

In fact the only thing I'd disagree with in the above is skilling up "Combat Armor" - the types of ground armor I use at endgame already encounter heavy diminishing returns in their resistance values before any extra buffs, so points in this tend to be wasted. I'd put those points in 'Squad Command' instead to reduce the downtime on Tactical Initiative + Ambush. (My "baseline" Tac gound skillpoint build tends to be 9/9 in 'Weapons Proficiency', 'Grenades' and 'Combat Specialist', 3/9 in 'PS Generator', 'Special Forces' and 'Advanced Tactics', and 6/9 in 'Squad Command' for 66000 points total!)

I'd second Baudl's advice about a "Gambling Device" instead of a tribble too. The extra Critical chance is very very handy, especially when stacked with the recent reputation system's buffs.


Space is more complicated. Technically you can get by for the vast majority of PVE with just one copy of Tac Team 1, plus EPTS1 and Hazard Emitters 1... but there are a LOT of ways to make this much, much better.

What makes a "Good" setup will heavily depend on your available weapon types: Beams, DHCs, Mines, Torps, etc. and Bridge Officer slots. Post your ship type, and we can post up a few sample builds that could work for that ship in ESTFs.

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