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11-29-2012, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by steelerodd View Post
Anyone find a work around yet?

Haven't tried the beaming in and out thing yet but I will. This was totally frustrating and I grew more and more despondant as I read through this thread. But afterwards, as I lay losing sleep over it, I thought about the above quote and realized how this bug inadvertantly added more realism to the game than anything else could have.

If you think about the missions of the enterprise, none of them went right. Kirk would call his department heads together for a meeting and ask for "a work around". They had to put their heads together and work the problem, considering all the alternatives because, as Spock says, there are always alternatives. So through this bug we all got to be real starfleet officers for a little while. (well, you all did, I just caught the end of the show on this one). Having said that - I'd really like it if there weren't anymore bugs.