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11-29-2012, 06:28 AM
While I agree with everything the post above says, he forgot one detail. Cannons are ONLY effective if you facing the enemy. A cruiser with beams will usually out DPS a NPC thats doing the normal stupid AI move of orbiting .5 km from your ship. Beam weapons can just sit there and plug away while a cannon cruiser HAS to try to turn (usually not being able to keep up), hence making beam weapons far superior in that regard. Cannon users have to try to maximize damage potential to kill those ships before they start their Stupid AI script.

On the seemingly unfairness of kdf cruisers compared to fed cruisers:
you need to take the two cruisers, equal in all consoles/weapons and play them. you will very quickly find out the kdf cruisers hull have some invisible 10% nerf to their hull resists. Even if the two ships have identical resists, teh fed cuiser will take 10% plus less damage from hazard/bleedthrough.

this is radically evident on the odyssey ops and the bortasqu' war cruiser. Best way to see it on these two supposedly equal matched ships is to not use ANY of their specialty consoles. Equip each with the exact same white quality consoles and weapons, white quality boffs with identical skill sets, and player characters with identical skill training (maxed Threat Control is essential for the test, but if your an engineer in a cruiser and DON'T have maxed TC your doing it wrong, imo). Take each into a stf. (I did this comparison in ISE, but you can do a normal to get same results). what your going to find is this. The Odyssey ops will normally survive most if not all engagements with relative ease, being able to keep up with the hazards and non insta-kill torps, while the bortasqu' will have a hell of a time and constantly be fighting to keep its hull above 30%-50%, if not out right blowing up multiple times.
Both ships are essentially the same, Odyssey having slightly more shields and Bortasqu' having slightly more hull. Damage wise, yes the bortasqu' does more as its got mot tac consoles, but for the test I only used 2 and only used one science console on the odyssey so both ships would be identical in resists/regens.

I repeated this test 5 times each and found that if I were to change the odysseys consoles to a lower level to give it roughly 10% LESS resists then the bortasqu', both finally preformed identically.

Hence with regaurds of these two supposed "equal" ships, the KDF gets, at the very best, a invisible 10% nerf to its hull.

I have since tried this out on the assault cruiser and Vor'cha retrofit ( about 13% difference), and the Star Cruiser and negh'var ( 15% difference ). The KDF has NO ship equal to the better C-store fed retrofits so equal comparisons don't apply. I haven't had a change to test the fleet variants of each as of yet.

I had a few friends who could replicate my experiments on this and they all came up with the same numbers, so I'm sure any of you can also.