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11-29-2012, 07:13 AM
Well, we can't get made at Brandon (BranFlakes) for this one or for any development decision. He's just doing his job, which is to serve as the Forum Community Manager. He has been doing it well, and has made an honest attempt at keeping us up to date on the state of things.

Now, whichever manager is deciding what gets developer priority, is obviously not deserving of his position. Gamebreaking BUGs and Exploits (or non-exploit exploits) should never be allowed to remain, for any length of time. Voldy should have been given first priority. The private queues should have been given just as high or higher of a priority, since it effects all players in the game, not just PvPers.

Cryptic's reaction to these issues makes them look unprofessional and generally bad at game development. It broadcasts their lack of understanding about PvP gameplay, in their own game, and reminds us that they could care less.

Borticus, if you read this. Based on what I've heard about the boot camp project, I believe you care about PvP. You are the only (remaining) dev that has shown any interest in that aspect of gameplay (seriously, we should be seeing devs in the queues regularly, maybe even during scheduled events... a vital part of PvP in any game is that the developers understand it which you can't do if you don't play), and I hope you can find a way to convince your bosses that it deserves the time it would take to fix it. No other aspect of STO has as big of a chance to be a standout performer in the world of MMO's. STO's space combat system is unique and has the potential to be quite fun and generate [good] buzz in the gaming community.

In the meantime folks, don't take your frustration out on Brandon, he's here for us. Instead write letters/emails, twitter messages, forum posts (civil) to his bosses. Tell them how badly they are failing, and urge them to listen. It might not do any good, but if anyone needs to hear it, it's them, not BranFlakes.

BranFlakes, I hope you can adequately convey our frustrations and current anger levels to your bosses. Consider this an official request from me to our community manager. It would be nice to know, at least, that they know what is going on in here and in the game. PvPers are mad, and the blame lies squarely at their feet.