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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
That's almost exactly the same as my current setup, but I'm not too good with using Sci abilities yet so my LtCdr Universal has a Tac so I can use more beam abilities, and I also replaced Phaser Lance with Fermion field.

What kinds of Sci abilities would you recommend? My current Boff setup is:

CDR Science: Transfer Shield I, Haz Emitters 2, Viral Matrix I, Gravity Well II
Lt Cdr Universal (Tac): Tac Team I, Fire at Will II, Attack Pattern Beta II
Lt Tac: Tac Team I, Beam Overload II
Ensign Universal (Eng): Emergency Power shields I
Lt. Eng: Emer. Power Shields I, Reverse Polarity I
i tend to get into the mix so i like feedback pulse more than VM. but it seems like grav wells got nerfed or something because they don't hold like they use to
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