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11-29-2012, 08:09 AM
Klingon Cruiser are not "Cruisers"

They're "Battlecruisers"

And a lovely beastie for a TAC captain to fly. I'd be partial to the Fleet K'T'inga myself. Easily able to manuver with Fed escorts, and if set up right can chase them down..

I've dog fighted feddy players in a plain jane Vorcha.. The better turn rate of the k'T'inga just makes it that much nastier... The feddy escort will have a few tricks up its sleeve, but battlecruisers are tough ships.. I used to take the t-3 k't'inga out with mk XII gear for PvP...feddys don't like that..and they assumed it would be an easy kill... they were wrong.. now we have a real T-5 plus K't'inga.. whats not to love..

Khemaraa sends.
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