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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Edit: put like that, it does seem slightly overpowered, doesn't it?
Little bit, yeah...

My Federation Tactical Captain (not my main) is still flying an Orb Weaver for that very reason: Tykens Rift 1 + Gravity Well 1 + TBR 3 + Vent Theta Console + Tholian Web Console, about the only things missing are a Aceton Assimilator and a few Fighter wings set to "Intercept"!

As an aside, since season 7 kicked in I've been testing quite a few cruiser builds for "main tanking" the new + improved Borg. Lots of them were able to tank large groups of weaker foes, but I found that the best option for tanking hard single-targets on Elite without dying has been an Odyssey - due entirely to the ability to swap the LtCom Universal slot from a Tac BOFF (Normal mode) to a Sci BOFF (Boss Tank mode).

I've also become quite fond of using the Aegis Engine/Deflector + Mk XII MACO shield combo for tanking since the Borg set change! 80% Defence on a cruiser is nothing to sneeze at...

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