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I can see why polarized disruptors can out-dps antiproton over a long period since both procs reduce the target's effective resistance. Disruptors drop all resists -10 for 15 sec, and Polaron's power drain reduces current shield resistances. In simple terms, both procs should out-pace antiproton's extra crit-severity so long as critical hit chances stay at normal levels.

The big unknown is what will happen as base critical hit chances rise due to new equipment (Tachyokinetic consoles, Zero Point Energy Conduit, etc) and Omega + Romulan Faction rep passive crit-bonuses enter the scene.
I have the tachyokentic and the Romulan 3%. The differences isn't end up being terrible significant.

To be clear though, the total damage difference between either energy type isn't significant at all. Your talking 1-2% at most

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