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11-29-2012, 09:23 AM
I'm not a fan of this project.
I don't really want my starbase looking like a Macy's. (or the C store's version of it anyways )

I also think the dilithium price is too steep for what amounts to advertising the C store costume packs.
This should be offered FOR FREE on our starbases, as it shows off C store items.

I really wish we could get something "COOL" for our starbases, like:
. Windows in a lounge that show damaged vessels coming in for repairs, (like the Enterprise scene in Wrath of Kahn).
. Or a big tactical display of a Borg cube or something.
. Or Maybe a great big monitor that shows scenes from some battle.

Flowers tribbles, fishtanks, discos and such are nice and all, but I think this is gettin a little too outta hand. These are military starbases in a time of war after all. NOT ferengi run malls.... WAIT a minute ...
UFOS have tampered with our Nukes. (

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