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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
This thread is a pretty big necro, but... You're wrong. CI engines are only slow when you don't feed energy into them. Just like hyper-impulse engines suck on low energy levels, and the regulars are only good for normal power.
Combat impulse engines are only efficient at low power levels but have rapid diminishing returns as you crank engine impulse power levels up. As a result, they have considerably lower top speeds compared to standard and hyper-impulse engines. Furthermore, combat-optimized captain builds usually run maxxed war core efficiecy, warp core potential, and impulse thrusters, thereby allowing them to max out speed, defense, weapon power, etc. They operate at high base-power levels that directly optimize standard and hyper-impulse engine velocities. Combat Impulse engines bleed off most of this extra power rather than using it for more speed.

I made the mistake of using combat impulse engines when I was starting out in STO. If I had to retreat, enemy players had no problems running down and finishing me off. Once I switched over to hyper-impulse engines, I started getting accused of "hacking" the game when I placed 25km+ distance in under 3 seconds flat when redirected power to engines and popped an engine battery.

If you want to race my escort with your combat-impulse equipped ship, I'll be happy to arrange a demonstration.

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